Investigations into temporary electronic tattoos are underway

Image: Chaotic Moon

Almost without realizing it, we already have in the market a great diversity of wearable devices that we can acquire to use at all times according to the activities that we are going to carry out. We have a very clear example with the quantifying bracelets, which allow us to count the kilometers we advance when we go out to run as well as the possibility of knowing some aspects of our health states. But…. Can you imagine that there are temporary electronic tattoos that fulfill the same function?

That idea has been brought to reality in the form of a prototype by the company Chaotic Moon, which is researching temporary electronic tattoos based on the arrangement of a series of electronic components attached to the skin and connected by means of an electrically conductive paint generating the shape of the drawing of the tattoo itself.

For now, these components will be the led lights, the sensors and the battery, although if we continue to make progress in this regard, we could count on other types of components. To control the operation of the electronic tattoo, Chaotic Moon makes use of the ATiny85 microcontroller, which is an 8-bit processor specially designed for integration into devices and transmit data through low-power Bluetooth, in the same way that any wearable device.At the moment, the function of this prototype is to monitor physical activities and health status, similar to quantification bracelets.

Perhaps we are facing the beginnings of a new type of device that is being described by the company as biowearables, which could be understood as biodevices.

Likewise, these types of devices may have enormous potential, allowing us in the future, perhaps far away, the possibility of paying for our purchases by bringing tattoos closer to the machines that validate purchases via NFC, or who knows if it can serve as tickets to different sporting events and / or musicals.

The fact is that Chaotic Moon is already investigating this possibility and it is not known how far it can go.

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