IOS 14.5 Beta lets you install system updates and security updates separately

Apple will be testing the possibility of separating system updates and security updates in iOS.

The latest beta version of the mobile operating system of the bitten apple releases this function, which makes it possible to dispense with the accessory novelties of the system, prioritizing only the priority updates.

Whenever security issues arise, Apple usually releases a full operating system update. This involves the entire process of downloading the update over a Wi-Fi network, then installing it and restarting the device.

The Cupertino company wants to change this. For that, it has implemented the ability to install system updates and security patches independently in the fourth beta version of iOS 14.5, providing the option to choose.

Selective updates on iOS

This update mechanism, reported by 9to5Mac, has been found through the update menu in the iOS settings section of iOS 14.5 Beta. In each case, users can choose to install security updates or the latest available version of the operating system entirely.

This becomes an ideal alternative for when we do not want to update to the newest version of iOS for mere pleasure or because we have older or modest devices, but we also want to update all the security problems to protect our devices.

Although no further details are known about this change, beyond what is visible in this beta edition, macOS already has a similar update method. If your Mac is running a version prior to the last released edition of the operating system, Apple will provide separate security updates, ensuring you access to security patches and bug fixes, without forcing you to deploy a completely new operating system.

The new code in iOS 14.5 also notes that once a particular update has been downloaded, whether at the full system level or security-only, another available iOS update may need to be removed before installing. In the absence of official documentation at this time, it is difficult to figure out how Apple will continue to provide security updates for iOS 14 after the release of iOS 15, so that users can choose not to update to the latest version of the main system. but continue to receive important security feature patches.

Like all software findings in beta editions, this is a feature in testing. As we may see this implemented in a future iOS update, the waiting time for its final addition is relative.

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