Is it good for children to do homework at home?

Is it good for children to do homework at home?

Homework are they good or bad?

This is the eternal question that has been asking for years parents, teachers and politicians. We already told you in an article how it can affect the psychic health of the primary school children the realization of tasks like revlida, but until now we had not stopped to talk about effects of the famous task.

This will always be a tricky topic that divides society between people who think it is too much burden for children so small and what they think is an essential factor for their academic success. Perhaps both groups are right, but according to Gerald K LeTendre, professor of the University of PennsylvaniaWhat is clear is that the way it is done in most countries it is not beneficial for the little ones in the house.

Does completing the task contribute to the academic success of the children?

A group of researchers led by LeTendre carried out in 2007 a study in which the results in mathematics of children of fourth grade of primary of 59 passes from around the world, comparing it later with the amount of homework that they had to do daily.

The habit of do homework at home it is widely spread across all continents, as only one 7% of children interviewees claimed not to have this custom.

However, I do know that the homework load Chosen by teachers in different areas was very different, just as were the results on the math tests.

For example, it was found that the countries in which there was more burden of duties were those with lower income level and more social inequality and, also, that many of those who were in the first places in the tests carried out they performed a number of very below the international average.

Therefore, if we based only on these data, it would seem to be more than clear that there is no correlation between academic success and homeworkAlthough, according to Professor LeTendre, these are not enough data to safely make such a statement.

How does doing homework affect children’s health?

In the interviews conducted children during study almost the 10% they claimed to pass several hours of the night carrying out the task. And why don’t they do it in the afternoon? Do not forget that today fever has reached many countries extracurricular activities, which leads to that after an hour of painting, two of piano, one of tennis and another of ballet, the children can only do the task at night, thus taking several hours of sleep.

If we already see them and wish for them to carry out our daily tasks, imagine how hard it must be for a child. And we may believe that we are training them for adult life, but according to psychologists the only thing we achieve in this way is to produce in them a great stress that severely damages your health both physical and psychic.

Furthermore, the sleeplessnessit causes a worse performance, so what is actually achieved is the opposite effect to the desired one.

What is the solution to the problem of homework?

According to the teacher LeTendre the solution is not something as radical as delete the task, since it is well run that it can have many beneficial effects for the cognitive development of children.

Therefore, the important thing is the design of custom tasks, in which the Personal circumstances of children and what are the skills that need to be reinforced.

Therefore, greater involvement would be necessary. both parents and teachers;but it will be worth it, since the result will be to get better educated children and, above all, happier. After all, you should always be a child’s ultimate goal.

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