Is it true the message that today the light goes up 33%?

Is it true the message that today the light goes up 33%?

A message that ensures that the price of electricity go up in the midst of the cold wave suffered by Spain has gone viral.

If you live on the Iberian Peninsula right now you are probably raising the temperature of the heater or looking for a blanket; the famous cold wave brings below freezing temperatures and lots of snow.

In these moments it is when it is necessary to think about the most underprivileged; those families thatthey can’t pay the electricity bill and they need electricity more than ever. However, according to a message that is spreading like wildfire, today is the worst time to light a stove.

The message about the price of light that has gone viral

The message is being shared by Whatsapp and social networks, and presents a worrying message. According to its anonymous creator, this afternoon at 19:00 we will pay 33% more for electricity; the message has a clear component of protest, accusing those who allow this rise in the middle of the cold wave.

The message presents a way to protest against this rise, turn off the lights in our house; for 20 minutes, we must turn off everything, a small effort supposedly so that the losses of the companies are remarkable.

The objective is to make it clear that we have a voice, for which we are encouraged to share the message until seven in the afternoon.

Both the structure and the grammar of the message fit with other popular chains, and speak of the same revolutionary idea of ​​protesting with acts like turning off the lights that we have already seen on other occasions; And by the way, they don’t seem to have been very successful.

Now, it is not me who defends the electric companies. I am sure that the news of the cold wave caused that more than one and one appeared the symbol of the euro in the pupils. And it is also certain thate electric companies will earn more thanks to this event.

What does a 33% rise in the price of electricity mean for our bill?

The main fact is that today at 19:00 the price of electricity will be 33% higher, and it is a fact that we can easily verify.

The price of electricity is decided at daily auction, depending on various factors such as demand. As media like El Espaol point out, the cost of electricity per megawatt hour will be 92; actually 19:00 will not be the time with the most expensive light, but it will be 20:00.

However, how does that translate into our electricity bill? Keep in mind that the cost of electricity is only 35% of the bill. Fortunately, for a long time the Spanish Electrical Network has beenn recording the price of electricity; Their website is very useful to know the best hours to connect our devices, depending on the rate we have.

For simplicity, we are going to focus on the default toll rates (2.0 A), the ones most people have; If we have an efficiency rate, obviously the price will vary enormously between schedules.

Analyzing the difference in electricity prices compared to previous days

For the day I write this article, January 18, the minimum price of electricity for these rates is 0.13042 / kWh (at 04:00). At 19:00, the price will be 0.16705 / kWh, a difference of 28%; however, the maximum price of the day will occur at 21: 00,0,17120 / kWh. A difference of 31% with respect to the minimum price of the day.

It’s close to 33%, but it’s not exactly that. Also, it would be strange to compare the maximum and minimum prices of a day, bearing in mind that the daily dynamics is always the same; at night the price goes down and by day the price goes up similarly, and we only have to look at the charts from previous days to know this.

Let’s see the day before. At 19:00 on January 17 the price was 0.15657 / kWh. So today at 19:00 the price will be 6.6% higher than yesterday at the same time. If we compare the maximum prices, today the light is 6.5% more expensive than yesterday.

The changes are bigger compared to last month. On December 18 at 7:00 p.m. the electricity cost 0.14191 / kWh, so today it will be 17.7% more expensive than a month ago.

At what time is it better to control consumption

In short, it is safe to say that the light will rise today by 33%, although the effect on our invoices varies greatly. The time chosen in the message, 19:00 is somewhat arbitrary and does not seem to obey real data.

If you really care about spending today, you better avoid consuming between 20:00 and 22:00. From 23:00 the price goes down.

It is more appropriate to say that the light has been going up for months and years. It is not a new phenomenon, it is something very worrying that many people have suffered for years. Although the 33% rise in the auction is the one that occupies the headlines, the rise that should really worry us is the silent rise that tens of thousands of families suffer.

That is the real energy problem in Spain, and this 2017 is looking to get worse. The government has already announced that, at the rate we are going, the electricity bill will be 100 more expensive than now. And the worst, the electric social bond will be limited, linking to income.

In this situation, the promises of the energy minister, Álvaro Nadal, that he will order a report to see how the government can help lower the final price of electricity, seem like waste paper. Or ice cream.

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