Israel Armed Forces incorporates Xbox controller into new tank model

For a long time the Xbox video game console has offered interesting titles in the war genre such as Call of duty, Battlefield, Gears of War, all of them with very well developed conflict scenarios that offer the player an immersive and entertaining game experience.

What if we transferred the experience of using the Xbox controller in a real war scenario?

This is what the Israeli armed force seems to have considered with the development of a new tank prototype equipped with a wide variety of modern technologies, notably the inclusion of an Xbox controller as a tool to allow its soldiers to carry out maneuvers. combat as if it were a video game.

The peculiar decision to add this element to the armored vehicle, whose construction was carried out by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), was the result of a meeting held between Microsoft, active soldiers of the Israel Defense Force and adolescent civilians, which was aimed at generate the feedback enough to promote the construction of a combat system that will facilitate its use by the younger generations.

In addition to the Xbox controller, the tank has large tablets to present the information generated under the same modality of a first-person shooter video game.

In reference to the adaptability of soldiers with the Xbox controller, IAI’s general manager of robotic systems operations, Meir Shabtai noted:

They know exactly the position of those buttons, and they can achieve much better performance with that system. The controller is just the interface, the idea is to present a sophisticated technology in a way that they can handle

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