It is not a UFO, it is a bubble drone that brings us drinks

It is not a UFO, it is a bubble drone that brings us drinks

When we think that we have already seen everything in terms of drones, comes this bubble drone from Festo that looks like a UFO.

You’re thirsty? Wouldn’t you like an automated system to bring you a bottle of refreshing water when you feel like it? What if that system is shaped like a flying bubble that swallows your bottle and then regurgitates it?

Doesn’t the idea seem so tempting to you anymore? It is not the first time that we see a similar concept of transporter drone, but it is certainly the first time that we see one that transports things inside and then releases them like a dove with diarrhea.

Accept bubble drone drink, human

Festo is a company that in the past has tried to create drones similar to animals, but in this case it seems that they have gone wild and have created a drone based on animals from another planet.

It’s called FreeMotionHandling, and it’s basically a helium filled balloon with eight thrusters that allow you to move in any direction you need and catch your victim and grab the item we asked for.

Two cameras and several indoor GPS sensors They are responsible for the fact that the balloon is not punctured with anything and the party ends badly (or well), but the most interesting thing of all is not this, but the way in which it picks up and releases objects.

Festo calls it FlexShapeGripper, but that’s surely not what you think when you see it in action. Basically the drone absorbs the object and transports it inside it, until you reach the destination and release it; you have to see it to understand it.

This bubble drone is not only for parties of dubious theme, but also for work; for example, its creators pose a situation in which we are working in a high place and we need a tool, this drone could pick it up and bring it to us in a simple and safe way, that if we do not fall from the scaffold of fright, of course.

At the moment it is only a concept, but the technologies that compose it are expected to reach the drones of the future.

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