It looks like a V8 engine, but it is an electric motor for classic cars

It looks like a V8 engine, but it is an electric motor for classic cars

As electric and hydrogen cars become popular, it is inevitable that combustion cars will disappear from the roads.

It is not only because the market is evolving, but also because laws are approaching that will limit and even prohibit the circulation of polluting cars. In most cases this will be an improvement, but it also means that some mythical vehicles will not be able to restart.

And that, unless you like motorsports, it’s a shame. We are talking about classics that will rot in a garage, or hopefully they will reach some museum; But cars are made to drive them, and there are already projects that try to save them, changing the combustion engine for an electric one.

The electric motor to modernize classic cars

Electric GT is one of the most interesting. There are many projects to convert combustion cars into electric ones, but they all face the same problem: each car is a world, and not all of them have the space for an electric motor (at least) and some batteries.

Due to the long work of adapting and installing the necessary components, until now each startup and manufacturer has focused on modernizing a specific car model. In Electric GT they have had an interesting idea: why not take advantage of the space that already exists for the combustion engine.

This is how the “Electric Crate Motor” was born, a modular electric motor designed to be installed in all types of cars. That is why it has such an unusual design, in the form of a V-shaped eight-cylinder combustion engine, or “V8”.

This engine has the proper shape and size to be installed in the bay of a classic combustion car without problems; and as it is modular, it is possible to remove or add parts depending on each case. That is why its power varies a lot; It is capable of offering between 140 and 280 horses.

Electric GT’s business idea is that customers request an engine for a specific car, and that they receive it with the necessary accessories; the objective is that the customer can change the combustion engine for the electric one without many difficulties.

It can also be used to revive old cars that are in a junkyard because the engine broke, for example. It can even be installed without the need to change the transmission, since it is compatible with manual gears, programming it to provide torque depending on the gear we are in.

This may be the key to continuing to drive classic cars without breaking emissions regulations. However, at the moment this engine is still under development.

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