Jamhub, to create music between several people over the Internet

If you have a talent for the piano and you know someone who has a gift with drums or another instrument, you may be interested in knowing the option that they present to us today.

This is jamhub, a website in which we create an online room, as if it were a video conference room, but the guests who enter it will have to create music with you.

In the panel we can select the instrument and the accompaniment, and each guest can do the same so that everything sounds at the same time, recording the result so that the composition goes down in history.

You just have to enter jamhub and name the room. We will share the generated link with other people so that each one can enter and participate in the project.

The project is open source, and allows us to connect using a MIDI-compatible keyboard or piano. It is ideal for jamming, collaboration and music lessons on the Internet.

The creator indicates that it has recorded high-quality, low-ping virtual instruments, making it useful for jam sessions and remote collaborations.

On their page they have a link to discod, so that composers can exchange ideas and help each other to generate more and better.

A great idea that can evolve a lot, since at the moment they are only in version 1.1.0.

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