Jovial is a text editor for Windows with encryption

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Ok, we have to recognize that the Text Editor that is included by default in Windows has been limited, so we are constantly looking for alternatives that they can put at our disposal different advantages, such as more functions or content encryption. The same characteristics that it offers us Jovial Notepad, a small application that will allow us to write our own content, but with interesting additions.

Although at first glance it seems a fairly simple program, the truth is that it includes enough functions like to use it in a lot of tasks. It is simply a basic application on the surface, but with a background that will surprise more than one. in fact, more than one is already using it as their code editor favorite.

Alternative to notepad

Jovial Notepad is a program that allows us to write our content in both .rtf and .txt files. To begin with, you will have extensions and markers with which to expand the functions of the program. Without going any further, both a calculator and a dictionary are included. On the other hand, the operation of the markers is simple: we can highlight those lines that we want to access in the future in a quick way and without headaches.

Jovial Notepad has more interesting functions: Syntax markup of XML and SQL languages ​​in other colors, support for special symbols and encryption of files. Regarding the last feature, we have to mention that we can write the code we want in a file, and then put a password so that no one else can access it. A function that more than one we will use assiduously. Finally, to say that not everything is limited to the texts. We can also copy and paste images to embellish documents in more interesting ways.

Jovial Notepad is a very interesting notepad that undoubtedly means an alternative to the applications that we usually see in our operating system. Your download is completely free, so we recommend that you at least take a look at it, especially considering that it allows us to encrypt our files.

Jovial Notepad is a free code project that is available at Sourceforge. It is still in beta, but presumably it will be updated every so often. It is compatible with operating systems Windows, from XP onwards, although it requires the installation of .net framework 4.0.

DownloadJovial Notepadfor Windows

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