justwatch arrives in Spain, to find out where they cast our favorite series or movie

Streaming services are increasingly popular, so it is becoming essential to have a good content search engine that tells us where we can watch the latest TV series or our favorite movie.

With that goal in mind, Justwatch comes to Spain, a platform that searches among the content of Netflix, Filmin, Wuaki, Atres Player, iTunes, Google Play, Mubi, Xbox and PlayStation stores to report on where we can see a movie or episode of specific series.

We are introduced by Philipp Hiren, one of his collaborators, from Berlin, who indicates the possibility of searching using title filters, actor, director, genre and other variables that help us find exactly what we want to see.

Once the results are returned, with all the digital subscription offers grouped on the same page, it allows us to access each of them to view the content, as long as we have the corresponding account. If we want, for example, to see the 2005 King Kong movie, we can even see its trailers:

The platform includes notifications so that we do not lose the new episodes included in each service, and it even highlights offers and price drops.

There are already 10 passes that allow them to be tracked with Justwatch, and they now have Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Colombia as their next objectives.

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