kamua, a smart video editor that captures motion, adds subtitles, and crops automatically

When we record a video in landscape format, we have to trim it to be able to put it on reels or in TikTok properly, and that is somewhat complicated when the objective of the video is constantly moving from one side to the other.

With the aim of making it easier to cut and edit videos oriented to the world of social networks, an editor with Artificial Intelligence designed for this is born.

This is Kamua, an editor available on with a fairly complete free version.

Here you have it in 15 seconds:

Kamua was born from the hands of the person who launched Findie years ago, a short-form video discovery website. Now they present this browser-based automated video editing tool that helps creators optimize videos on all major video platforms, from YouTube to TikTok to Instagram.

While Kamua is a great tool for editing videos one by one, they have an automation AI that intelligently resizes and crops the video based on the most interesting or relevant parts of the video, but also automatically adds subtitles that adapt to any aspect ratio we need.

Kamua gives you control over the size, position, and readability of subtitles, ensuring that you can speed up your work by up to 90%.

A good project that is born at the right time, a moment in which short video is the protagonist of the social web.

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