Kia and Google to launch user manual for cars based on artificial intelligence

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has become a concept that has been implemented in all areas, including the automotive, where the most modern infotainment systems have been putting this technology into practice in an attempt to acquire a natural language.

It is for this reason that automotive manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz have decided to place their trust in artificial intelligence and use it as the key to generating revenue in the coming years.

Added to this, artificial intelligence applied in electric cars is useful to evaluate and optimize batteries in terms of the useful life they can offer.

However, artificial intelligence could soon be involved in something so simple as the user manual of your car.

In this sense, the automotive manufacturer, Kia and the search giant, Google have decided to join forces with the purpose of obtaining advances in the field of artificial intelligence. To this end, they have announced the launch of what will be the Kia Owners Manual App, a tool developed based on this technology, the result of a partnership with Google Cloud and Megazone.

Interactive user manual

And it is that at present physical manuals have become an element less and less present in cars, opting instead to incorporate them into them through a multimedia system.

However, in the case of the Kia and Google proposal, this is a step further, since with it drivers will be able to interact through the mobile camera. They should only focus it on a specific button or element present inside the car and the application will automatically provide a description about the name and the functions associated with it.

Thus, for example, when the user scans the symbol corresponding to cruise control on the steering wheel, the AI ​​application will identify the image thanks to the communication that it will maintain with the Internet server. Afterwards, the smartphone will take care of displaying a video in which the functions explained in detail of the cruise control system will be shown.

The Google Cloud artificial intelligence platform supports the image learning technology to fulfill its task, making it possible to scan symbols from any angle, in order to accurately identify each control and switch present in the car. .

It should be noted that the application will present compatibility with any new car model from the manufacturer given the standardization presented by the symbols of each function.

In addition to this, the application comes integrated with a search function, as well as an index of symbols and warning lights accompanied by their respective definitions and, finally, an illustrated list.

The launch of this AI digital user manual application is expected to take place in the second half of 2020, with the new Kia models being the starting point for implementing this technology.

Along with all this, the South Korean automaker has also exclusively made known its intentions to continue its relationship with Google Cloud and take advantage of it for the long-term development of services related to the use of artificial intelligence.

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