Kids Mode officially comes to Microsoft Edge on Windows and macOS

In current times, it is more than likely that if there is a minor in a home, the electronic devices in the home will be shared with them. With this situation in mind, starting today, the Microsoft Edge web browser officially features the new Kids Mode, arriving on both Windows and macOS X.

The idea is that minors can navigate through a series of permitted websites, having to ask adults for permission to access certain websites that they need to access but that have not previously been included in the list.

Offering safe browsing on the web to the little ones

In this regard, Kids Mode offers a list of 70 websites allowed by default to serve as a starting point for adults to make modifications to it according to their preferences.

Also, the Kids Mode It has two age ranges for minors to choose from, first covering children between the ages of five and eight and children between the ages of nine and twelve.

This last range will also have a selection of MSN children’s news available through the new tab pages, moving away from more adult-oriented topics, such as politics or the economic situation, for example.

In both ranges, Children will have anti-tracking protections and the Bing SafeSearch filter activated. To exit Child Mode, adults themselves will have to provide their operating system access credentials to verify that they are and can return to normal Microsoft Edge mode.

But speaking of children, Microsoft has also brought various customization options for children, under themes developed in collaboration with Disney and its Pixar division.

Adults will need to know that The Nios Mode works at the level of each device individually, so all those changes that are made will only work on the device itself, lacking synchronization options to carry the settings made to the rest of the devices that may be the same home.

For Microsoft:

Kids mode makes it easy for parents to customize a better, richer, and safer web experience for their children.

Adults will be able to better familiarize themselves with the new Kids Mode, which is now available for Windows and macOS, through the information page that Microsoft has enabled for them. Kids Mode made its first appearance on Microsoft Edge this past February through the Canary Channel.

More information: Microsoft

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