Kim DotCom Announces MEGAchat: Encrypted Video Conversations

Kim DotCom Announces MEGAchat: Encrypted Video Conversations

After months in development and rumors, Kim Dotcom has finally announced the availability of her new video chat service.

MEGAchat is the unoriginal name of the service, although the interesting thing is not the name but what it offers: encrypted communication by video. It is therefore a serious alternative to Skype and other services, one that promises to safeguard our privacy and our conversations from outsiders, especially from the friends of Kim Dotcom, the NSA and the FBI.

MEGAchat finally sees the light of day

MEGAchat is still in beta, just like the new version of MEGA, but registered users can start using it. For this we have to log in (or create an account if we have not already done so); we can use it with free accounts. We will see a new icon in the toolbar on the left, called Conversations; We will see a list of contacts of our friends, and we can start chatting.

Of course, our contacts will also have to have a MEGA account, and the service is very limited at the moment; we hardly have a chat history and little else. There are many more complete programs and services, but therein lies the strength of MEGAchat, but in its promise to maximum privacy with its point-to-point encryption; that is, that at no time is the connection decrypted from the exit of our browser.

On the other hand, if you don’t trust DotCom and its loyalties, you may want to get away from this new invention.

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