Kim Dotcom warns MEGA users: backup files

It seems that MEGA has its days numbered …

In the same way that Megaupload, the previous Kim Dotcom project, disappeared, taking millions and millions of files from its users with it, MEGA, the project that Kim founded later, and from which he left a long time ago (Kim DotCom left the post director of MEGA in the same year of its creation, in 2013), may also be in danger.

One of the problems is that MEGA is now believed to be under Bill Liu's control, as we read in torrenfreak. This is a Chinese businessman living in New Zealand who is being sought by the Chinese government on charges of fraud. Still, from MEGA they have reported that, although there is support from Bill Liu in the project, he does not control it, he does not make the decisions.

In 2015 Paypal blocked payments to MEGA, a project already pursued for the same reason as Megaupload (it saves files protected by copyright), and today Kim Dotcom repeats again to users who do not trust that service, to leave there and Take your files somewhere else.

The cry has been made on his Twitter account, where he indicates that MEGA has not had the support of financial institutions for two years, which may mean that his end is getting closer.

Logically, from MEGA they comment that these statements do not make sense, that the project remains strong and promises to continue maintaining its level of service for a long time.

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