Kindle Touch and Amazon Kindle Touch 3G

The Amazon Kindle family expands in Spain with the Touch option. The countdown fever has started and there are only a few days left for either of the two new e-readers to be ours.The most cautious have already started reserving their devices to avoid encountering out of stock surprises. And those more into new technologies are shopping through pages that offer a different discount code every day for Amazon and their new Kindle Touch.

Amazon broke many schemes when it launched its first Kindle. For a medical price every user has the possibility of carrying more than 1400 books in your pocket. Its lightness, speed of downloading books thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi and the E Ink electronic screen that allows reading as if it were paper, without reflections and in full sunlight has marked a before and after for the new reader profile. But, book readers and eaters demand more, and Amazon offers us their new touch Kindles. What differences and what similarities do they have with the previous one?

The similarities are various. Firstly, just like with the first Kindle, the price is affordable for all users, and sometimes it even gets cheaper the times they launch the Amazon coupon. The second similarity is that the new Kindle Touch are still compact, light and easy to carry everywhere and its E Ink screen allows you to read anywhere without any reflections. Both models have integrated Wi-Fi to download books quickly and immediately. Now we have to know what are the differences between the first Kindle and the new Kindle Touch.

While the Amazon Kindle allows 1400 books to be stored, the Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G allow the storage of up to 3000 books. hand. A third innovation is that the battery life of the two new devices lasts up to two months. And what is even more surprising is that the Kindle Touch 3G does not need Wi-Fi zones for book downloads because it has integrated internet access. What has not changed for the user is the Amazon discount code that undoubtedly offers a great price reduction for both devices.

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