Know the recommended size for the graphics of 14 digital platforms

To design graphic material for social networks, it is always more convenient to follow the design guidelines of each platform on which the publication will be made, especially in terms of its dimensions, so that it is accommodated in the most appropriate way possible. to the destination site interface.

In they maintain an updated list with the recommended sizes to publish images and videos on 14 different platforms, including links to download templates to use as a guide in Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD and Photoshop.

This site is presented as a solution that simplifies the task of finding the resolutions corresponding to the graphic publications of the main social networks and other services, such as some application stores and forums.

You can find templates for images and videos tailored to posts on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitch, WhatsApp, TikTok, Producthunt, VK, plus the Play Store and App Store.

In addition to presenting the measures corresponding to each publication, the templates for the four aforementioned programs can be downloaded, either by individually choosing one of the available alternatives or by downloading the complete collection presented on the portal.

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If your work with graphic design for digital platforms is constant and methodical, you will surely have your own templates, adapted for your creations. Even in those cases, this site can be useful to keep you abreast of changes in some publishing formats or to find out about the addition of new design formats to a service.

The person in charge of this initiative is Peter Assentorp, a Danish designer who raised this project in January 2019 as a parallel activity to his work, offering it free of charge. In the review that he himself added at the bottom of his page, he points out that although as far as possible he will take care of keeping this information as updated as possible and that he is willing to receive news reports if any visitor to the platform detects it. something new before.

Also, the author of the site was pleased by the good reception that his project has had, of which he recently published the third update of his collection. If the demand on the portal continues to increase, more services could be added to the platform, he also commented.

The creator of this collection, like many of us who work in the generation of this type of publication, ended up tired of looking for these measurements one by one in different Internet portals, especially due to the amount of time that this task consumes. Inspired by that sentiment, he raised this platform in order to make the first stage of creating a graphic piece easier, becoming a reference portal to make inquiries about the sizes of the digital publications with the greatest circulation on the web. .

As an additional service to its consultation portal, Social Sizes offers a newsletter via email, through which they announce updates that affect the sizes of graphic publications published on the site. They also offer a monthly newsletter with tips for designers.


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