Landing an airplane with an iPad

Landing an airplane with an iPad

The pilot is tired? don’t want to work? You no longer need to eat your head, because iPad Apple may be willing to do all the dirty work. Or at least, that is the idea that we have taken to see Xavion, a curious application for this type of tablets that will help you take control of the plane. You are reading well.

The program knows it all. From the nearest airports, to the type of airplane we are piloting, the weather or the distance that remains until we can land. Factors that will help us when it comes to pilot an airplane.

The controls of an airplane on our tablet

Basically what the program does is connect to the plane’s autopilot system via WiFi and then take control. After some key steps, the iPad screen will show the sky, among a series of lines that pilots will have to follow to get to go on the right route. Of course, we will also have available both a map like some Additional data that we can consult at any time. The closest thing to a video game, go.

The first tests that have been carried out have been a success, so it is clear that we could be before one of the most interesting alternatives in the coming months. Obviously taking control of an airplane is quite a sensitive task, but the system you are developing TruTrak it is reliable enough for us to take a look at least.

The program is very similar to the GPS that we carry in the car, only adapted to an airplane. In any case, the company has stated that It is useful in those cases in which we have to pilot for an emergency, that is to say, initially it would not serve to carry out continuous navigation.

Until the next version Xavion is not available (foreseeably, during this month) we will not have access to the well-known feature. Be very attentive to the Apple App Store, because the application could help you, before it seems, to pilot an airplane more or less automatically.

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