Learn chemistry with Augmented Reality

One of the areas in which augmented reality has been successfully developed is at the educational level, as a practical and didactic resource that enriches the learning experience.

In the particular case of chemistry, there are several applications that use this technology to transmit knowledge of this science through a more striking way.

Augmented Class!

This application for Android was developed exclusively to develop 3D models for augmented reality in the educational context, without necessarily depending on technical knowledge.

For the teaching of chemistry, ideally this application should be used with teacher supervision, to adequately illustrate models of molecules or other related graphs.

As a collaborative tool, the app offers the possibility of exporting and importing projects, something extremely useful for exchanging material between students and teachers.

Link: Play Store

Atom Visualizer for ARCore

ARCore is a versatile technology developed by Google for modeling 3D figures in augmented reality contexts. Using this technology, this application was developed specifically for the visualization of atoms and their component molecules.

It does not allow you to develop your own models, but it does allow you to choose between the elements of the periodic table to analyze their composition.

Link: Play Store


This is a payment platform developed to offer multiple educational experiences based on the use of augmented reality.

For chemistry classes, this service has a specific solution, allowing the development of realistic simulations of experiments, avoiding the dangers associated with interaction with unsafe materials for the classroom or remote classes.

Link: Envision (website)

Isomers AR

Posed as a game, this app allows you to build molecules in 3D and interact with their augmented reality models in real time.

Simply set a plane captured by the camera as a base, then simply drag and drop molecules to create new compounds.

With an emphasis on isomers, this resource has a gallery of more than 70 pre-built molecules to explore and modify.

Link: App Store

To model

From the hand of the developers of Isomers AR, this app also comes which, unlike the previous one, allows you to build the models on a 2D plane before moving to augmented reality.

Its focus is broader, covering all organic chemistry.

This solution, less cumbersome than Isomers, is emerging as an ideal alternative for mobiles or tablets with fewer resources.

Link: Play StoreApp Store

Dat Thin Pone Chemistry AR

This resource, available for both iOS and Android, contains several educational resources for learning this science.

Apart from having augmented reality models for a series of molecules, the application also has educational video material, an interactive periodic table and a series of exercises to test the knowledge acquired.

The application does not have a Spanish translation at the moment, but in the same way, with the pertinent teaching support, its graphic resources can be extremely useful for the classes.

Link: Play StoreApp Store

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