Leavy, the travel app for millennials, gets a million dollar investment was born in Paris and quickly became the travel app of choice for many of the so-called Generation Y, millennials born, the Paris-born startup that offers a travel app for millennials, born between 1981 and 1996.

The objective of this app is to offer travel opportunities paying less, and that they do thanks to Leavy Coins, coins that can be earned by participating in activities to obtain discounts and opportunities, as they comment on its website:

Now they have obtained 14 million dollars of investment, directed by the Dutch investor Prime Ventures, with the participation of the angel investor Dominique Vidal (who is also a partner of Index Ventures), as they have in TC.

With the app, travelers can also rent their room or apartment when they are away, to help finance their trip. Other users receive money to act as local hosts and manage the reservation. Leavy gives members cash up front when they make their space available before they travel, regardless of whether or not a reservation is made, and that makes a difference from the competition. The exact price offered is dynamic and takes into account various data.

In this way, the startup bears most of the risk. If you don't rent a space while a member is away, you lose money. On the other hand, if your algorithm works well, it can be quite lucrative. The price has to work for tenants, guests and hosts, and that is the recipe they want to continue betting on with this new investment.

The startup already has 65,000 users, of which 60% are women. They have 100 employees in 6 markets, with offices in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Rome and Lisbon, and they intend to reach the United States within a few weeks.

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