Leica outperforms itself with its 41-megapixel M10-R camera

Renowned for its iconic manual focus ranges and its ability to build premium mirrorless cameras, Leica is undoubtedly one of the leading exponents when it comes to photography, offering the best models to carry out. this task.

On this occasion, the German company presents the M10-R, a camera that stands out for being the highest resolution so far with its 41 megapixels.

And it is that, unlike previous Leica camera models, this one has characteristics oriented to favor the photography of landscapes and cities, in which it is always sought to capture all possible details.

The high resolution 40.9 megapixel sensor represents the M10-R’s most notable attribute, quite a leap compared to the 24 megapixels of the M10-P model, an aspect that also has a positive impact on the usefulness of the cameras in different respects. .

Its performance in taking landscapes and portraits is excellent, offering a sharp resolution in the focus of objects or structures, being, also, very useful in the area of ​​street photography.

In addition, in the case of being far from the target you want to focus on, the M10-R camera allows you to zoom in up to 30%, achieving the same field of view offered by the 24 megapixel models.

Moving on to aesthetics, this camera features an elegant build, identical to that of the 24 megapixel predecessor model with which it also shares some of the essential characteristics.

Added to this, the M10-R camera features a 3-inch TFT rear screen, as well as ISO 100-50,000 ranges along with Maestro II image processors and a Leica split-screen manual focus system.

When it comes to operation, this camera features manual dials and buttons that give the user full control over things like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

However, the ISO button can cause discomfort, both when trying to make it appear and when handling. In the case of the settings related to the unit, the display stand and others, you should access them by going into the menus, although these can be easy to organize, since the most used tend to be presented on the first screen.

Either way, Leica telometers tend to be more focused on providing a tactile experience than on conquering the technical side.

Elegant and efficient structure

On the other hand, the MR-10 has a metal body assembled by hand, thus continuing the refinement work carried out by Leica over almost a century, achieving an exceptional finish. This makes the camera ideal for both sightseeing and street photography.

However, although appearances are deceptive, this camera can be heavy, causing discomfort after a long time due to lack of grip.

The manual focus system and the optical viewfinder are other of the standard features of Leica present in this model where its ease of use is conditioned by the lens.

In case you opt for manual focus, this may offer you some difficulty when handling it considering the demanding 41 megapixel full-frame sensor and its highly fine depth of focus.

The split screen is pleasantly intuitive in that, once you get used to it, it will be more satisfying to use than autofocus.

When it comes to shooting speed, this is not a priority within the functionalities of this camera, although, you may have the opportunity to capture 10 photos at 4.5 fps before the 2GB buffer reaches its capacity limit. .

The shutter of the M10-R is extremely silent, being very useful in situations where you need to take street photographs without attracting the attention of the person whose image you want to capture.

And what is the final verdict on the quality of the image? Photos taken with this camera are very well done in terms of sharpness and color reproduction, although you may find it a bit flat for capturing natural landscapes. However, this can be solved by subjecting the images to some editing. In the case of taking pictures of people, the M10-R is quite efficient, especially in the effect applied to skin tones.

The bad thing is its price: 8,000 euros just for the body, since the Summilux-M 50mm f / 1.4 lens costs about 4,000 euros more. You have more details on

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