LG will develop a new type of screen that will allow it to be extensible

LG has taught us that beyond the typical rigid screens that we commonly know, there may also be other types of screens that for now may seem like science fiction to us, such as flexible screens or transparent screens, which can be applied to different types of screens. types of scenarios, as we saw at the beginning of the year.

Well, LG’s next adventure will be the development of extendable screens, that is, a new type of screens that allow gain a little more size compared to the original size, with the idea of get up to 20% larger when stretched.

According to the company in a statement, the South Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) has selected it to lead this project, hoping to have products on display by 2024. In this regard, we must point out that the project is in its early phase.

For the company, it regards this new type of display as the ideal next-generation technology. by allowing free resizing in the same way similar to resizing an elastic band, without affecting the quality of the screens.

In addition, the company also sees that the new type of display could be applicable in the future in foldable smart devices, wearable devices that allow better adjustments and freedom of movement, in addition to automatic and aviation displays that overcome the design restrictions caused by curved surfaces.

According to Dr. Soo-Young Yoon, Senior Vice President and Head of LG Display Laboratory:

LG Display will develop stretchable displays, a new form factor that could greatly expand the scope of applications to which displays can be applied. In the era of IoT, 5G and autonomous cars, stretchable displays will play a huge role and we are very pleased and honored to be an important part of the development of these technologies and products.

We will have to be attentive to the achievements that the company achieves in its new journey.

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