LG’s roll-up screen is on sale now for $ 89,000

The flexible and roll-up screens are no longer just demonstrations in closed cabinets, they are products available in the market, although seeing a roll-up screen on a TV is something that escapes the vast majority of pockets.

The brand’s famous roll-up TV is now available for purchase in the United States, priced at $ 89,000.

LG has included a button asking if you want to buy it on the product page, a screen that officially went on sale last year in South Korea for 100 million won, which is equivalent to about $ 89,000. Although LG has not officially announced its pricing in the United States, nor the delivery dates, they indicated that the information should be available later in the second quarter. At the moment the data is known thanks to the research carried out by HD Guru.

LG’s Signature OLED R left everyone with their mouths open at CES 2021 as they saw a great television born in minutes from a minimalist structure with the appearance of a coffee table. The concept is even older, we saw it in 2019.

It is surely not the best time to buy it. It is very possible that these types of devices will be common within a few years, and seeing how the price is reduced by half in one year, and divided by ten in five years, is something that will not be very amusing to the one who has paid. $ 89,000 for being the first.

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