LG’s roll-up TV arrives in Spain for 99,999 euros

If you have a 100,000 euro budget for a new TV, and you live in Spain, congratulations! You can now buy the new LG SIGNATURE OLED R, the world’s first rollable TV.

We commented a few days ago that LG SIGNATURE OLED R was starting to be sold in some parts of the world for more than 80,000 euros, but it seems that it has arrived in Spain with an additional cost, since they have just announced that its price is 99,999 euros.

It will take about four months to manufacture, it is not something that can be ordered on Amazon, as it is produced to order, assembled and finished with artisanal attention at LG’s factory in South Korea.

To be able to buy it, you have to contact LG directly or call them at the Exclusive Attention Service on 91 719 70 99.

LG’s rollable TV

It is a flexible 65-inch OLED screen created from a single sheet of glass. Like all OLEDs, it has self-illuminated pixels, but in this case it offers the possibility of disappearing when not in use.

It offers three different display modes: Full View, Line View and Zero View, as can be seen in the upper capture.

For more information about the LG SIGNATURE OLED R television visit or contact the Exclusive Attention Service on 91 719 70 99.

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