Lifty – Classic novels, in English, to read on any device

We continue to make progress in terms of reading systems. While many of us have begun to abandon paper books to get used to the screens of our mobile devices, others are reluctant to leave the romance of cellulose, something increasingly difficult seeing as attractive options appear as those we have shown in recent years. months. From interactive textbooks for iOS and Android, to novels that include videos and external references or systems that allow the reader to interact with writers, the digital version of literature begins to offer more and more visible advantages. Now it’s the turn of, a new proposal that allows us to access classic novels, in English, from different devices, allowing us to write down and mark what interests us most in the text. We can share content and interact with other readers, as well as create lists and comment on what we want to convey to the community. Although they are not best-sellers nor do they offer news that we have not seen before, it is another example of what the digital book can give us, inside and outside the academic environment. Link: | Goes seetio

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