LingoRank, free project to learn English with TED talks

TED Chat fans have learned a lot in recent years. In addition to learning with the experience of hundreds (thousands) of entrepreneurs around the world, we have practiced languages, we have heard accents of all kinds, we have improved our English … they are a well of knowledge.

LingoRank wants to take advantage of this characteristic of said talks. Quite often lectures are given by people who were not born in an English-speaking country, people who do not have an extremely complex English vocabulary, making it possible to understand what they are saying without needing to have a very high level. In this way, we can classify the talks according to the complexity of their English and offer tools to help improve the language based on them.

Lingorank recommends TED talks according to the student's level and offers them tests to assess their listening and understanding skills. On its website we can filter by duration of the talk, speed at which the speaker speaks, level of English used, topics covered, title, date … everything necessary so that we can find the ideal video to start practicing the language.

In each video we have exercises, activities with their vocabulary and graphics that help us practice while watching various topics that, in addition, will help us to be better people and better professionals (that's what the TED videos are about).

An original proposal that deserves a place in the favorites.

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