linguee, the multilingual dictionary, already has an android version

If you are looking for a good dictionary for your android mobile, a few days ago we already have it available linguee on Google Play.

This is an application that we have discussed on several occasions over the past few years, including the launch of iPad and iPhone in September 2015.

In just two weeks they have already achieved more than 50,000 downloads, rated it with 4.7 stars (based on more than 1,000 reviews). On the other hand, Google has chosen it to appear in the Google Play Editors' Choice and in the News section in Apps.

With a team of more than 400 linguists and lexicographers from all over the world, they have concentrated on the Spanish-English combination, with millions of entries, usage examples, pronunciation of the terms recorded by native speakers of each language and a user interface which shows translation results as we type. In the app, typographical errors are automatically corrected when entering a search term, thus helping to quickly find what we are looking for.

It cannot be compared to Google translate, as the approach is different. In this case, bet on words and examples of use of each one, helping you to learn the language, much more than to carry out translations of the texts that we find every day, although it is possible to copy and paste the text from any other application. towards linguee.

Here you play the video presented the news:

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