LinkedIn adds surveys so that we can know the opinion of our contacts

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Although LinkedIn is the social network par excellence for workers around the world, it is not the best one to establish relationships between contacts. And in the workplace it is quite important to know what your contacts think about important issues. So they launch“Surveys”,that as its name indicates is a tool to create surveys.

All LinkedIn users can ask their network for comments on the topics that interest them most. This is vital to know the opinions of your other contacts, whether you are a worker who wants to enter a certain company or if, on the contrary, you are an entrepreneur who wants to meet the people who are likely to join your company.

In fact, the tool promises to be very fast; In less than 30 seconds, surveys can be created to collect the necessary information from your entire network of contacts. It works in a similar way to the surveys that we have already seen on other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn adds surveys

Linkedin surveys. Linkedin Omicrono

The steps to carry out the surveys that are introduced today on LinkedIn are very simple. We must start a new publicationand click on “Create a Survey”.We simply have to write the question and the answer options; you can put a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 4, and we will have to select the duration of the survey. This can go from 24 hours to 2 weeks.

The next step is to write a publication to accompany the survey, and you can addhashtagsto attract the attention of the community, regardless of whether these people are in your network or not. The survey will be published on your LinkedIn wall, and it will be visible to your contacts and followers. If we want, we can hang the link on a group of friends and share it with external users.

Many different uses

Of course this goes beyond opinions. You can gather ideas on what businesses you should invest in, questions about, for example, training courses, or discuss more convenient questions to ask in a job interview.

Other questions may be directed to other specters not so much labor, as opinions on political or social issues. This is a good way to meet the people you have on your LinkedIn network, and the social network seems to be focused on increasing precisely that social component that many have been demanding.

In fact, they have also launched the possibility of holding video events, but this is a function that has not yet reached Spanish territory.

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