Linkedin allows us to add an audio to show how our name is pronounced

Some users are seeing a new function on Linkedin, a quite original one, let it be said: it allows us to record an audio to tell the world how our name is pronounced.

The result can already be seen in some tweets of users showing off audio:

To use it you will have to go to your profile and check if there is any message similar to the one shown in the upper screenshot, from the profile of Matt Navarra, a famous online Marketing professional, who has shared his experience on his profile.

In a professional network like Linkedin it is a complete success to do something similar. If we have to contact professionals from anywhere in the world, and we want to make a videoconference with them, nothing better than knowing how to pronounce their name so as not to make a fool of ourselves by trying to read it in Spanish.

The function is not yet visible in all profiles, so we will have to wait some time for there to be an audio next to our profile, which, as we mentioned a few hours ago, now also allows us to indicate with a layer if we are available or not. not to be hired.

Of all the existing social networks, it seems that LinkedIn is the one that knows how to maintain its focus, the one that is clear that it does not want to transform itself into another Facebook or inherit the grace of Instagram and the like. Let’s hope they stay that way for a long time.

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