LinkedIn is preparing its own alternative to Clubhouse

The irruption of Club House It ran so deep in the industry, it ended up unleashing an ever-longer string of similar options.

To platform list who are betting on voice rooms, recently added LinkedIn, confirming that they are working on their own alternative for this format.

Voice rooms on LinkedIn

Earlier this year, LinkedIn disclosed that its new strategy focus on enhancing content creation tools, to give more dynamism and activity to its user community.

Along this line, it was recently confirmed that LinkedIn is working on its own version of this tool, integrated as one more communication function within this popular social network linked to the spectrum of the world of work.

Beyond some rumors that circulated informally in advance, all this began to gain force as news with a publication made by Alessandro Paluzzi, application developer, who through reverse engineering mechanisms was able to identify in the mobile application of this network a graphical interface corresponding to a live audio room.

According to what was published on Twitter by Paluzzi, its discovery only detected its graphical structure, without being linked to any function already enabled.

A few hours after the publication of this finding, an official reply appeared from LinkedIn, confirming the work that the company is doing to build its own alternative to Clubhouse.

Attaching a more complete graphic than the one presented next to the leak, the social network shared some details through a press release.

Source: LinkedIn / TechCrunch

In conversations with TechCrunchSuzi Owens, a LinkedIn spokeswoman, commented that we are seeing almost 50% growth in conversations on LinkedIn reflected in stories, video shares and posts on the platform, Regarding the panorama in which this initiative is framed,

On the particular work being done on the platform, Owens added that we are doing some early testing to create a unique audio experience connected to your professional identity. And, we are looking at how we can bring audio to other parts of LinkedIn, such as events and groups, to give our members even more ways to connect to their community..

An important aspect about this new role on LinkedIn is that, unlike other platforms, the communication here is usually in a different tone. In this regard, the network spokeswoman pointed out that our members come to LinkedIn to have respectful and constructive conversations with real people and we are focused on making sure they have a safe environment to do just that.

Despite the short time that this format of online conversations has been attracting attention with force, it is not a minor fact that more and more Internet companies, especially those larger, are betting on this format and competing to cover a growing niche .

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