LinkedIn launches an improved search experience

Searches are a key component in applications and services to make it easy for users to access what they need at all times. This is quite clear on LinkedIn, that now they have just released their new search experience, both for mobile devices and for desktop computers, trying to make them more useful and intuitive for users when trying to access what they want. need.

LinkedIn promises that after every search you will get a page with a combination of results, which will include a series of related items to try to be more useful, with the possibility of refining the results obtained after a first search through the filters.

If that is not enough, users will also receive Suggestions about what to do after searches, for example, the possibility of saving the job offers displayed on the screen to later apply for them or keep track of the news about the companies about which they may be interested.

Combining results to try to be more useful

Regarding the combination of results, from LinkedIn it is pointed out that if you search for specific companies, the results page itself will add information related to people, jobs and relevant publications, as well as statistics, that are related to these companies in a series of aspects.

On topics, and given the boom that users have taken when it comes to sharing content, the renewed search experience is committed to offering reliable news and publications, and relevant work and conversations related to the topics.

We can notice at this point that with the searches they have also tried to eliminate any minimum possibility that some type of misinformation could be sneaked in.

When searching for specific jobs, the results page itself will not only show existing offers, but also the number of candidates it receives in each offer, as well as related posts to explore, groups to join, and people who can help.

Users may also be able to search through existing courses on LinkedIn, as well as the most relevant online events. In addition, after a first search, users will be able to use the filters, counting on a series of filters to delimit results on people, publications and companies to be searched.

From LinkedIn they are already advancing that more news will arrive in this regard, showing their satisfaction for what the new search experience is capable of offering.

More information. LinkedIn blog

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