Linkedin launches new functions for job seekers

Looking for a job is very complicated in these times. Many people are out of work, many businesses have had to close, and others are cutting costs. Still, many doors have been opened to various business models related to the pandemic, and telecommuting also provides opportunities that would otherwise be unthinkable.

That is the reason why you cannot give up, you have to keep looking, and Linkedin always be at the core of the solutions to find the right job.

Thinking about it, they just presented Presentation Stories and profile features for job seekers.

On the one hand, they have created functions to make the profiles on the platform more expressive and inclusive, users can create video covers in stories, but they can also participate in Free LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn coursesas well as a Skills Path pilot program (in English only), which the company describes as a skills program for job seekers.

According to LinkedIn, 61% of job applicants believe that recorded video could be the next version of the traditional cover letter, while nearly 80% of hiring managers say that video has become more important to examine. to the candidates, which is why having video covers in the stories is essential to explain who we are in a short time.

Complementing the new feature in stories, there is a new field for pronouns in profiles that is intended to allow members to communicate how they want to be seen. Seventy percent of job applicants believe that it is important for employers to know their gender pronouns.

Beyond Presentation Stories and the field of gender pronouns, LinkedIn is introducing creator mode and service pages for candidates and organizations. Creator mode allows members highlight your relevant recent work for work, while the service page allows freelancers and small business owners create dedicated pages that list the services they offer.

Starting in May, LinkedIn says it will push a new Microsoft Teams app called Career Coach for institutions to support students before and after graduation. The application will help students to discover goals, interests and skills through an identifier based on artificial intelligence that aligns their profiles with the trends of the labor market.

From Linkedin Spain they tell us more details about what we will have available:

Presentation history– A new LinkedIn profile feature that can help members share their video story in a more authentic and engaging way. If you are looking for a job, this feature is a good way to share more details about your career goals and show your soft skills to recruiters. Freelancers looking for work will also be able to attract new clients by sharing information about their services and activities.

Content creator mode: Professionals who regularly share innovative ideas, post their own content, and are working to increase their number of followers on LinkedIn can activate the new Content Creator Mode on their profile. This new feature helps people increase their number of followers by adding the Follow button to their profile, share more about their experience through the hashtags at the top of it, and better display their content by moving up their Featured and Activity sections. so that the content is more accessible.

Grow your business by showing your servicesFreelancers and Small Business Owners can now create Service Pages in which to list the services they offer from within the Open for Business of your profile. This tool offers greater reach to the LinkedIn community of more than 700 million members. Users can edit and manage their Services Page directly from their LinkedIn profile. In the coming months, they will add more ways to manage services and shopper interactions from the Service Pages. Soon we will also be able to see the ratings and comments directly from our Service Pages.

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