Linkedin presents project for students to find work

Currently available only in the United States, Linkedin today presents mobile applications, for iOS and Android, specifically designed to help students find their first job.

The launch will be made today, an application that will inform the type of work that can be achieved depending on the specialty studied at the University, as commented in Venturebeat.

The apps will show both company names and available jobs that are directly related to what we indicate in our profile, as well as to the area or academic institution in which we have developed our student career. It is even possible to start creating a network of contacts with the people who work in the recommended company, helping to know if it is indeed what we are looking for.

There are currently 40 million students on Linkedin, and they do not have the same experience as the other profiles, since there is no professional experience or contacts of this type, which is why the creation of something specially thought for them has been necessary. .

The cards displayed with the jobs also indicate the salary range, growth potential, job description, jobs that are available, and alumni of the university who have decided to go down that path.

LinkedIn students also share articles written by influencers of the topic we have studied, content automatically selected at the beginning and manually filtered at the end.

An interesting idea, without a doubt, although we will have to wait for borders to start crossing so that we can all try it.

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