Linkedin Profinder, to hire professionals from Linkedin

Currently available only in San Francisco, Linkedin has a project at that, if it opens doors to other parts of the world, can have a huge impact on the world of work.

This is Profinder, an application that allows, using its platform, to include job offers for the self-employed. We have to indicate what we want, the approximate budget and the deadline, hoping to receive proposals from professionals who can take care of the issue.

In the screenshot above you can see an example of a card included in the system, where you are looking for someone who is capable of making a website for a restaurant in a few weeks.

When the order is sent, reach the professionals who have registered to receive this type of information, and the proposals will appear as follows:

As you can see, we see the hourly price margin and the description of the professional, which will help the client to make the selection before contacting.

The Linkedin team will help the client to make the selection, they even have various services related to the legal area, marketing, publishing and various other categories so that the contract with the registered professional does not have last minute surprises.

It is important to note that professionals are being hired by the hour, not by work, so it is not a product contracting website.

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