Linkedin, thus avoiding page follow-up invitation spam

Linkedin page follow invitation spam is becoming more and more common. Dozens of weekly messages inviting us to follow pages that we do not know from people we know little … It seems that Linkedin does not like the joke and has now presented a system to avoid it.

It is a credit-based method. The administrators of each page will have 100 credits per month to invite other people to follow the page. An invitation is equivalent to a credit, so hundreds can not be sent and will require more control and improve filters.

Here’s how invite credits are used and earned:

– Sending an invitation requires a credit. – When an invitation is accepted, the credit is recovered and applied again to the balance of the page. – When an invitation is declined or withdrawn, the credit is not recovered. The credit is removed from the balance on the page.

Regarding the monthly invitation credit limit, it is renewed on the first day of each month, and is shared by all the administrators of the page.

That is, if we send an invitation and the person does not accept it, we will lose the credit, so we will think twice before pressing send left and right.

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