Linux 4.0 officially announced

Linux 4.0 now available

Linux, the kernel that we find in a large number of operating systems (such as Android and Ubuntu), will have a fourth version. Linux 4.0 is here.

The curious thing about the birth of Linux 4.0 is that originally it was not going to be called that, but it would only be version 3.20. Given that it carries 24 years in development, you can imagine that its creator, Linus Torvalds, he is not very given to making great launches; instead we have only had three major versions that have been developed little by little, constantly improving. But to avoid situations like with kernel version 2 where the numbers were getting bigger, Torvalds, in a very rare decision for him, decided to ask the internet for his opinion.

To do this, Torvalds published a survey on his Google+ profile, and has reached two conclusions: First, that the internet surveys are bad. Second, that the next version of Linux will be 4.0. This option did not win by much, with 56% of the votes, but it won, after all. This poll reflects Torvalds’ personality very well, as the options were I like the big versions and I can’t lie (for the .20) and 4.0 because I’m easily confused.

Not only that, but it has been decided that the version 4.0 code name will be Hurr durr Ima sheep (I’m a sheep said in a special way) because Torvalds did a test survey with that option that users were not supposed to participate, but they did equally. It sounds like a joke, but we can believe it when we talk about someone with a personality like Linus Torvalds.

What’s New in Linux 4.0

Linux 4.0 will be a version of great news, as we have said. Compatibility with many new platforms will be included and the existing one will be improved. New ARM platforms join the list, in addition to the system Intel Quark. Support will be improved toshiba laptops, Logitech device and input sound and drivers will be improved.

In the graphic field, users of AMD They will be happy to hear that sound support is added through DisplayPort and better control of the card’s fans. Users of Intel and Nvidia They will also receive improvements in their drivers. We hope to know more when the first RC (Release Candidate) arrives and all changes are released.

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