Liquid or air cooling, which is better for your computer?

Liquid or air cooling, which is better for your computer?

We have the idea that liquid cooling is always better, but it might not be.

More than one would say that liquid cooling is much better always and under all conditions. It is more expensive, much more (more than 10 times more expensive) but according to lovers of this type of refrigeration it is definitely worth it. We tend to think that by costing more it performs better, but we could be wrong.

But this is not always the case. The graphics processing card that NVIDIA presented yesterday to thedeep learning (Artificial intelligence) they do not feature a purely liquid system, but come with a mixed system. If such an expensive computer ($ 149,000) doesn’t have a complete one, why would you use it?

What does each one consist of?

Liquid cooling

Liquid cooling it’s like the one we have on vehicle engines. Liquids are used that are good thermal conductors (or are at least more conductive than air) and that absorb heat from the components of our PC. That is, processor, graphics card, RAM and some more depending on the model. Then this liquid cools at the beginning of the circuit and the cycle begins.

Of course it is in constant motion, liquid never stops flowing. How can we imagine this requires an amazing circuit. Pipes, a tank (to avoid cavitation or bubbling), a radiator (with its fan) and a pump (hydraulic) are required to make the movement of the liquid possible.

The cheapest we will find will be for a price of about 60 euros (up to about 150 euros). These systems do not require maintenance. Then, the more expensive ones, the ones that are really more efficient (because these previous ones are purely for decoration; and that is, they have a performance similar to those of air), cost a little more. Specifically, that bit is from 350 euros.

But effectively, this last system, apart from costing almost 6 times more than a compact one (or 14 times more than one by air, as seen), they need a fairly major maintenance. Among other things, it is necessary to change the liquid from time to time, in addition to bleeding the radiator.

Air cooling

Air cooling, by contrast, is extremely cheap and simple. They usually cost between 25 and 30 euros (If we want something of quality, if not, for 14 euros we find many). Although, yes, there are more advanced models (generally modelscustom that cost something more). Of course it is not a series of pipes that cool the computer by air, but it is about fans.

An Efficiently Air Cooled PC (2)

It is, therefore, the system used by home computers and older laptops.. It is less efficient than with liquid refrigerant (as we already said due to its lower thermal conductivity) but it has other very clear advantages: it does not require maintenance and it is not necessary to spend a lot of money.

So which is better?

The budget of thedata centers It goes, to a great extent (in a 40% specifically), to the refrigeration systems (it is logical, because those computers have to be as pointers as possible). As it is obvious to think, you have to find the most economical and viable solution at the same time. Although it is true that liquid cooling systems are more expensive, they also have a longer useful life and in industrial sectors they make much more profit.

But, for domestic use this does not work at all. Let’s assume, first of all, that home computers have a useful life of 4 years. Let’s also assume that the average user uses the computer for office automation or to run some other game (still having a fairly powerful computer).

In this second situation it is very clear: such a powerful cooling system is not necessary (We discard the compact liquid system, the 50 to 150 euros, as it is as efficient as one by air that costs 5 euros).

Between what The processor is not going to be abused as much for these uses, and among which family computers do not have a very long life (Where a liquid system would be more efficient), it is not worth spending so much money for a system that is not really going to be used.

In short, everything is depends on the type of computer we want. If we are interested in one to get real performance, and on a daily basis, the best is undoubtedly a liquid system (but not closed, eye, but expensive). Instead, if not, it has little advantage.

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