Live cameras from various parts of the world

It is very possible that many of you already know the portal, a place that dedicates its space to documenting leaders from around the world who have dedicated their lives to extraordinary causes.

In it we can find 250 original films and 30,000 photographs from all over the world. They have shown their work at film festivals, on more than 100 cable and public broadcast channels, with content that allows viewers to join on breathtaking journeys around the world.

explore presents a wide range of topics, from animal rights, health and human services, to poverty and the environment. They also discuss matters of education and spirituality, with short, easy-to-watch videos, so that it is also possible to have children in your audience.

From a woman in Mumbai who has dedicated her life rescuing young women from prostitution, to a priest in Los Angeles who helps gang members reintegrate into society, or a project to protect wild mountain gorillas in Rwanda, there is everything.

The fact is that it is not only possible to watch videos and documentaries, we can also see live cameras showing animals, beaches, jungles … you just have to access Pipeline Cam and enjoy through the different existing channels. Each channel has its schedules, conditions and explanations, although most are present on YouTube, the platform they use to perform the live.

An impressive website that is worth keeping in mind, since there is nothing more relaxing than seeing what the world has to offer, and if it is live, even better.

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