Loom, to record screenshots with the mobile camera

In 2015, Loom appeared, presented at the time as a browser extension, designed for screen recording with added functions.

Six years after its appearance, this service now offers a series of applications for multiple platforms, including a recently released app for Android, which allows screen recordings along with video captured from the mobile camera.

Screen recordings with more added features

With the new application for Android Loom, it is possible to record the screen of a device, adding voice and a video frame with your face. In this way, it is possible to generate clips that can be shared through links, immediately from the platform to any destination.

By storing all registered content in the cloud, the difficulties associated with transmitting large files, such as videos, are eliminated. Thanks to this facility, you can forget about the size limit set for email attachments or the size restrictions set on platforms such as WhatsApp.

The operating mechanism of this service was conceived mainly for use on mobile platforms, a condition that makes the task of recording much simpler and more intuitive, requiring only three taps to start, without necessarily depending on your Internet connection. If you have intermittent access to the network or just don’t have it, the app can record anyway, without interruptions.

If you have the application installed on your device, the Loom links you receive will automatically open in the application, facilitating its transmission through channels such as traditional email, specific platforms such as Slack or any other corner of the Web. This service is easily integrated with Gmail, Notion, Coda and Intercom, along with other platforms.

If you need to re-review a particular Loom recording and don’t have immediate access to its corresponding link, you can find it in your playback history, featured in a section called Recent Videos.

Although most smartphones integrate a screenshot recording mechanism into their systems, screenshots are limited to what is displayed at the moment and in some cases, microphone audio can be added as well.

The functions offered by Loom can be useful for a wide range of professional and domestic uses, such as presenting project updates, instructions, tutorials, or simply for sharing ideas that cannot be fully captured with words or a couple. static graphics. Similarly, it can work as a good option to replace real-time meetings with asynchronous meetings.

The classic browser extension Loom, as well as its desktop applications, are still present, but its functions can now be used from more devices. You can download the mobile apps of this service from the App Store or the Play Store, for iOS and Android, respectively.

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