Mail Studio, free tool for creating responsive email layouts

Compose a Electronic mail? Nico Simple and functional is an easy task, but developing a more finished design, such as that of newsletters, requires more work.

With the help of a free application, it is possible to simplify this task through a platform specifically designed for this function.

The cited tool is Mail Studio, a service that operates through a desktop application that can be run on Windows, MacOS and Linux and through it, create emails with a responsive layout for any screen.

This tool has a visual editor that, for reference, follows a logic similar to that of Elementor, a popular visual editor available as a WordPress plugin. Additionally, the platform offers a wide collection of templates and components to add to designs.

Although the working dynamics of Mail Studio is relatively simple, it is necessary to master certain basic notions of web development (HTML tags) and ideally, also about design. On this last aspect, in the help portal of this platform they have a introductory design guide, available as reference material.

For more advanced users, the tool offers the possibility of teamwork (subscribing to a paid plan) and CSS and SASS editing utilities, among other functions.

Once this mockup is finished, the result can be exported as standard HTML code, ready to be copied to your email client or platform. email marketing preferred.

These layouts are ideal for giving a more finished and professional aesthetic treatment to digital campaigns, newsletters, and other types of marketing, organizational or institutional emails.

At the level of compatibility, from the platform they ensure that the templates created with this tool are compatible with all the main email clients, including the providers Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook, mobile applications for iOS and Android, such as Apple Mail and Gmail, plus some desktop applications such as Thunderbird, Outlook 2007 and later versions. The mentioned software was tested by the Mail Studio team, who guarantee that they are open to receiving compatibility reports on other platforms.

Despite the multiple transformations that communication channels have undergone throughout the history of the Internet, electronic mail continues to occupy a reserved space in our digital routines. For this reason, given the importance of image in the formal and official communication contexts of a brand, it is worth considering design as an aspect of trust.

Most of the main features of this service are offered through its free plan. However, additional functions such as backup and synchronization of templates in the cloud, collaboration with other members of a team or the possibility of automatically synchronizing designs with email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp or Sendgrid, are obtained only by paying a fee. subscription.

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