MakerSlate helps developers and designers stand out with their online CV

Creating a resume that highlights our strengths and captures attention matching the expectations of the employer is not an easy task. With this in mind, MakerSlate presents a solution for developers and web designers.

It allows us to create an online CV following a structure that allows us to easily reflect our skills and projects, leaving out irrelevant information.

To start creating our CV, we first have to log in with our Twitter or Github account. We have to indicate if we are designers or developers (or both), and some optional data: name, email, address, URL of our site, photography, etc.

After completing the data in our profile, we will be asked to add the projects in which we have worked and which will have relevance to show our potential. We will have a template to integrate our projects, where we will have to indicate the name, the date, the URL and the function that we perform.

The skills that we have demonstrated in the projects, as well as the tools and technologies that we have implemented will be recorded with labels. To illustrate our projects we can upload images and briefly tell about our participation or the results that were achieved.

When we finish creating the CV, we will notice that a timeline has been created with our projects. And at the top we will have all the labels that we have added, so it will be very easy to show those projects that fit the work we want to apply.

We can see an example in the CV of Dane Schneider, creator of MakerSlate.

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