Mark Zuckerberg’s phone also leaked in Facebook’s latest data issue

The data leak of 500 million users has been the news that has frozen the social web this week, data that was stolen long ago, in 2019, but is now available for free on the dark web, so many have had access to names, emails and phone numbers, including that of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

That’s right, the CEO of the company has been shown to be included in the latest leak of personal information from Facebook users.

The data disclosed on the forum includes Zuckerberg’s name, location, marriage details, date of birth and Facebook user ID, as well as his phone number, although in the disclosed capture they have crossed it out so as not to further increase the problem.

Cyber ​​researcher Dave Walker said that in addition to Zuckerberg, there are also Facebook co-founders Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz.

Insider, the first outlet to report the leak, contacted Facebook on Sunday and a company spokesperson said it was old data that was previously reported in 2019, and that they fixed the problem in August 2019. However , did not comment on reports of Zuckerberg’s personal information.

The problem is not that it is new or old data, the problem is that Holmes claims that posting the entire dataset on the hacker forum means that it is now open to a much larger and potentially malicious audience.

As I already mentioned yesterday, accessing It is possible to verify if our email or telephone is part of this or another data breach, although it is much better to always assume that and act appropriately, changing passwords and paying attention to possible scams over the phone.

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