Markdown Here, extension to apply formatting to our emails using Markdown

We have previously talked about different tools that take advantage of the potential of Markdown, a language widely used when formatting text in a simple way. For all those who don't know it, this language allows instead of having to continuously select text fragments and click buttons on a toolbar to format text. we can simply use an asterisk (*) to write in italics or two asterisks (**) to put text in bold, among many other examples.

This time we expanded the list of resources related to this language thanks to Markdown Here, an extension to write emails using Markdown. In general, the operation of the extension is very simple. Available for browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, Mardown Here will allow you to write emails in Markdown from the browser. In general, the operation of the extension is very simple. We simply have to write our email from the browser using this language and as soon as we have it ready to click Markdown Toggle from the context menu. Thus We will see the result of the applied format, being able to send it if we are satisfied with it. It is important to note that Markdown Here has been developed primarily to work with Gmail and Thunderbird, although the extension description indicates that it also works well with other email providers, such as Yahoo and Hotmail.

You can download the extension for free for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. In addition, through the project website we find versions for mail managers such as Thunderbird, among others.

Link: Markdown Here.

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