Masks that disinfect themselves and connect to the mobile

Since covid-19 spread throughout the planet and became a pandemic, many measures have been applied to prevent its spread.

One of them has been the use of the mask, which, depending on the model, can prevent us from contracting the virus or transmitting it to others.

Currently, the mask has become a complement to our clothing, necessary when going out on the street and interacting with others directly. However, some mask models are expensive to purchase, while inexpensive ones offer limited scope for use.

That is why we have brought you these excellent options of reusable, economical and efficient masks.

Reusable mask that is disinfected with the mobile charger

The first of them corresponds to a reusable mask created by Yair Ein-Eli, dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Materials Engineering of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, which has the capacity to generate heat in order to eliminate the presence of of viruses on its surface.

To achieve this, the mask had to be endowed with a layer of carbon fiber inside, which can be heated by the action of a low current of 2 amps, energy produced by the charger of a mobile phone, enough to allow it to reach a temperature of 60C, this being the necessary heat point to eliminate viruses.

Once the reusable mask is connected to the mobile charger to start the disinfection process, it may take 30 minutes to be ready and can be used again.

Its acquisition price would be about 80 cents above the cost of a conventional mask, making it a fairly affordable product.

Xiaomi Mi Q5S mask

The second model of mask comes to us from the Xiaomi company, which has been present in this market for a long time, offering some models such as the Youpin Q5S electric mask, with 4 layers of filters and the possibility of being recharged by USB port.

On this occasion, Xiaomi brings us the Mi Q5S 2020, another electric mask made with an activated carbon elastic band that, according to its specifications, offers an efficiency of 95% in terms of air filtration capacity, supported, in addition, with two silicone HEPA filters, making it an ideal option to protect our airways from elements such as pollen, dust, smoke or bacteria.

Thanks to the built-in battery, this electric mask has an autonomy of use of 6 hours. Its acquisition price is 35, although, you can also choose to acquire the 7-filter mask for 47.

But this does not end here, as Xiaomi is in plans to add another model to its list of masks.

Aeri: Next member in the Xiaomi mask family

Aeri is a mask with a transparent design that facilitates the facial recognition of the mobile, also promoting better interaction with others. In addition, Aeri has the advantage of being reusable after undergoing a disinfection process using ultraviolet light.

Another notable aspect of this mask is the presence of its N95 filter, located on both sides, which prevents harmful particles that are in the air from entering the respiratory tract.

Added to this, the Aeri mask has interchangeable accessories, such as a fan to promote cooling, a sensor that provides information to the user about air quality and, finally, colored straps so that the user can adapt them depending on the situation. the occasion.

Despite having the prototype of the mask completed, Xiaomi does not have a launch date planned for it, so it will be necessary to wait until the product is made available.

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