Meetings in virtual spaces with live avatars, what’s new in Microsoft Teams

As we are seeing in recent times, Microsoft is working hard on Microsoft Teams, its communication and collaboration platform for work groups, to the detriment of Skype, which, although it is also receiving news, is not doing it at the same level, and with Recent official statements from the company are starting to fuel rumors about the future decline of Skype in favor of Microsoft Teams.

To further fuel these rumors, now comes a new wave of news to Microsoft Teams, especially highlighting the Together Mode, a feature that they have been working on for months in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, and that basically offers a recreation virtual spaces where regular meetings are held, in which participants will be represented by live avatars, with their body and facial movements, and located in the environment through Artificial Intelligence.

This new feature will be completed for all users next August, offering an auditorium view for now, although the company will offer other virtual spaces in the future.

In addition, participants will soon be able to take advantage of the new video filters, to improve the quality of the images captured by the webcam, as well as make use of the reaction emojis throughout active meetings.

With the dynamic view, the participants will be able to share their content with the rest of the participants throughout the meetings, be it photos, documents or videos, among others, and they will even be able to respond quickly in the chats thanks to the response suggestions, which offer quick response suggestions based on the context of the conversations.

In addition, meetings in Teams may soon have up to 1,000 participants, or even up to 20,000 to access presentations or discussions. Teams also bet on chat bubbles so that conversations can be seen clearly throughout meetings, and even the Teams mobile application will have support for Cortana, to establish actions through voice commands.

Finally, Microsoft Teams will also bet on smart screens to integrate into them and offer a hands-free experience with the help of Cortana, for which it brings a series of smart screen devices to the market in collaboration with Lenovo and Yealink.

Part of these functions will arrive by the end of the year, while the others will arrive throughout these months. It is a clear commitment to Microsoft Teams, which in short periods of time is receiving a good dose of news that will allow it to be a solvent solution for all kinds of needs.

Image Source and Credit: The Verge

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