Memomate, a tablet with electronic ink screen that seeks financing in Indiegogo

We often talk to you about different devices that stand out on the main platforms of crowdfunding existing today. On this occasion we found it interesting to highlight the potential of Memomate, a curious tablet With electronic ink screen that will attract the attention of many of you.

As you can see in the presentation video that we leave you later, it is a tablet with electronic ink display that we can use to draw, sketch and make notes anywhere. Memomate has been designed so that we can draw without any problems thanks to its pressure detection technology, so the strength of the line will be reflected in our designs.

According to its creators, it is a device created especially for the most creative public, so that it can be used as an inexhaustible notebook and always ready to draw, annotate or create to-do lists without having to depend on our mobile.

In addition to the above, the device has some more than interesting additional functions. For example, works as a 10,000 mAh battery, so we can use it to load other gadgetslike our smartphone. And not only that, since Memomate acts as a wireless charger, so we have a device compatible with this technology we can use Memomate to charge it.

At this point the interest generated by the device is such that its creators have already raised more than the amount necessary to finance the project. Regarding its price, Memomate is expected to go on sale for an official price of $ 99 in OctoberAlthough all those who reserve a unit will be able to do so even at half price. Below we leave you with the presentation video of Memomate:

Link: Indiegogo.

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