Mercedes now competes with Tesla in the home battery sector

Tesla presented its batteries for the home a year ago, in fact we made a video specially dedicated to the subject, video that here we leave you again:

Now it is Mercedes-Benz who works on the batteries developed for their electric cars to be able to compete with the Tesla Powerwall: they have announced that the storage units, manufactured by its subsidiary Deutsche Accumotive, will begin to be sold and installed in the houses thanks to the support of partners, both in the public sector and among solar energy companies. At the moment it is only available in Germany, but they plan to expand internationally.

The goal is to be able to combine up to eight of its 2.5 kWh lithium-ion battery modules, generating a battery with a maximum capacity of 20 kWh (Tesla Powerwall has 6.4 kWh), enough to capture solar energy surplus for later use.

Deutsche Accumotive has been making units like this since 2015 for industrial uses, and they want to quickly enter the private housing market. They have already invested more than $ 500 million in the second battery factory, which will start operating in the summer of 2017.

Tesla's batteries had 38,000 reserves at launch, making it clear there is a demand, there is room for two giants in this segment.

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