Messenger launches new feature for business owners to respond to their customers

The arrival of the commercial inbox function to Messenger (from Facebook) begins, a feature introduced last May for business owners, especially for those small businesses that want to strengthen their presence online, can address customer questions through the same application they already use to have conversations with family and friends.

The idea is that business owners do not need to use various applications, being able to be efficient in responding to all the inquiries that come to them, with the minimum possible delay, and even more so now that customers also need to know if their favorite businesses continue to exist after their possible closure due to the confinement situation, if they keep the same hours as always, or if they have some products in stock, among other issues.

All they have to do is switch between your personal accounts and your business accounts in the application itself, maintaining the same ease and simplicity that they know, and where appropriate, obtaining notifications when new messages from their customers arrive.

Facebook knows, after a previous investigation, that 90% of the business administrators that they have in their platform, already used the Messenger application for their personal communications.

Likewise, it points to a Hubspot report in which 90% of customers found it important to receive an immediate response to their questions, hence the integration of the commercial inbox provides them with that desired immediacy.

The company notes that the commercial inbox in Messenger complement the functions already available in the Page Manager application, where they can continue to manage their publications on Facebook, create ads and view reports on their pages, and if they wish, they can also reply to messages received on Messenger.

The new commercial Messenger inbox is a reality from today on Messenger for iOS through a new update, while coming to Messenger for Android in the coming weeks.

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