Metachat, to summarize and group Slack conversations

If you use Slack frequently for conversations with multiple workgroups, and the amount of content is becoming worrying, take a look at

It is a solution that we can use to summarize everything that we have pending in Slack: it summarizes conversations, groups related messages, generates a faster and more direct report, eliminates the superficial … it helps save time.

Its operation is simple: we only have to connect the desired channels of our slack in Metachat, letting its artificial intelligence system take care of reading the content to group it correctly.

The result also shows a content and links search engine that allows you to quickly find any topic between conversations made in the past, regardless of the original channel of that conversation.

Of course, each text displayed includes the name of the original channel, thus maintaining the desired context, also leaving the set of existing channels visible in the left menu.

Metachat uses the slack API, it does not have any direct relationship with such a famous messaging platform, and they do not have any terms of use section, so I do not recommend linking any slack channel where confidential information is found.

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