Microsoft adds new functions to its code editor, Visual Studio Code

A major update was released by Microsoft for its cross-platform code editor, with exciting new features.

The idea is to help users focus on their code, eliminating distractions and providing options to customize their work environment. In addition, a number of details have been taken into account that facilitate access at all times to the elements we need, without complicating ourselves with too many clicks.

For example, by activating Zen Mode we can only focus on the editor, hiding the rest of the options, such as toolbar, panel, sidebar, etc. This function can be activated from the menu, or with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + KZ.

There is also a new feature, Hot Exit, that preserves the changes that we have not saved, and it will automatically be present in some cases, for example when we exit the application.

It also allows you to configure the workspace, and save these settings for later use, through a new search menu.

Functions and tools can be hidden, or we can use drag and drop to give priority to some of them.

Other options that we will find are, the possibility of creating personalized shortcuts, easily accessing additional tools, among others.

We can see all the new features of this update at the following link.

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